A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a small telecommunication earth station that receives and transmits real-time data via satellite. A VSAT transmits narrow and broadband signals to orbital satellites. VSAT Internet can be used in a wide range of applications and is suitable for setup in any environment. Our Broadband VSAT solutions deliver broadband capabilities anywhere, even in the remotest places, straight from the satellite to our teleport.

Our VSAT internet offers both dedicated and shared broadband for businesses, governments, Universities, Hospitals and NGOs. We offer reliable, secure two-way IP communication, through our partner teleports in Germany, United Kingdom, USA and work with iDirect technology, Comtech, Romantis UHP, Newtech etc.

We cover Africa in C-band, Ku band and Ka band.  Our networks provides very efficient and reliable services. Our networks permit connecting all your remote sites to your headquarter or cloud environment which can be an efficient tool for your business.

Contact our sales department for advise on the most cost effective solution for your requirement, such as  frequency band, bandwidth and terrestrial infrastructure connecting to your headquarters. We offer VSAT Internet and installation of the equipment in one complete package.