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This is a VSAT multiprotocol label switching (MPLS). This service is designed for businesses with remote or outlying branches not serviced by traditional terrestrial solutions, providing fast, uncapped internet. Using the iDirect Evolution Satellite Teleport,  VSAT provides point-to-point, single-hop satellite connectivity, with low latency for your applications and is IP voice ready. In this way, VSAT MPLS extends your connectivity reach – to any location in Africa and world at large while maintaining reliability and security.

VSAT MPLS service allows you to manage remote multi-site extensions of your corporate network (whether branches or ATM machines) even in the most remote rural areas-all on one MPLS network.

  • Appropriate access in remote and rural locations
  • Immediate deployment
  • Flexible service: A highly customized solution with built in allowance for future network growth and optimized configurations matching your applications
  • Dedicated service
  • Extension of corporate networks over multiple sites
  • Supports commercial video conferencing business
  • Supports video streaming and video on-demand
  • Secure, reliable connectivity

VSAT MPLS creates a completely private network between head office and remote branches. The connection is highly reliable (99.5% uptime) and monitored 24/7.

  • Quick installation

We offer quick installation timeframes, wherever you and your remote branches are located, with coverage throughout Africa.

  • Fast and capable internet

Enjoy uncapped internet that is fast enough to support your needs, including voice IP services. Clients get a minimum guaranteed bandwidth, plus “burstable” bandwidth.