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VSAT work on iDirect technology through a hub operator.  it uses the full suite of iDirect equipment which includes satellite hubs, line cards, routers and network accelerators to provide satellite solutions that are scalable and cost-efficient with custom QoS for our customers.

We provide the teleport and satellite hub infrastructure and can set up/configure networks to your requirements. You manage end-users as you wish and provide custom service levels.

The iDirect platform allows our VNOs to provide tailor made solutions to their customers. Our high-performance satellite hubs enable downstream speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 40 Mbps and high-upstream speeds of 128 kbps to 6.5 Mbps. A single line card is all you need to start providing service to your customers and you can scale up as demand grows.

Our completely integrated NMS and network optimization techniques provide greater bandwidth efficiency and mitigatates satellite latency. Result: Cost-savings and greater flexibility for you.

Our VNO Package

We offer the iDirect VNOs to pour partners to set up and managing their network. The iDirect platform for VNOs is highly scalable, flexible and is designed exclusively for IP over satellite requirements. AC&T and its partners provides the baseband equipment, teleport dishes and radio frequency (RF) systems, dedicated physical space, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and the engineering know-how to help you set up your network .

Our satellite hubs can configure networks starting at just 64 Kbps, and scale up to 18 Mbps in 1 Kbps increments. Bandwidth efficiencies at both the satellite communication level and the IP level significantly lowers transponder costs and operating expenditures for carriers.

Our teleport infrastructure and iDirect VNO package are all that you need to get you started and bring your customers online. Our VNO solution includes the following:

  • Independent and fully owned Network Management Server- NMS (with optional sparing)
  • Independent and fully owned Protocol Processors (with optional sparing)
  • Line Cards (M1D1 modem)
  • Software license for VNO

iDirect VNO package

The VSAT  VNO package initially starts with one line card to meet initial bandwidth requirements of your customers and can be easily expanded by adding more cards and/or NMS Servers and Protocol Processors to meet additional demand.

In addition to the basic VNO package, We provides other iDirect hardware and software for setting up, managing, optimizing and monitoring your networks. These include the following:

  • iDirect WEB Optimizer – Network acceleration for bandwidth efficiency.
  • The iVantage Network Management System – Tools for network management.
    • iBuilder – For configuring and modifying individual remotes, groups of remotes, or the entire network from one central location.
    • iMonitor – For analyzing both real-time and historical performance of networks including the health status of remotes, graphical displays, network probes and detailed bandwidth usage.
    • iSite – For deployment of new sites quickly by using the universal local access feature to configure and control iDirect devices from the field, including all remotes and network accelerators.